Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Their Solutions


Android smartphone users often face problems related to software. Such problems are small problems which often require them to travel around the service center. While they can also solve their own problems. But for that you need to know some tips and tricks. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will be able to save the cost of service center. Let’s know about the 10 problems that come with Android smartphones and their solutions.

Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Their Solutions

Top 10 Android Most Common Problems and Their Solutions

What problems may Android users face?

  1. Wi-Fi not connecting
  2. Keyboard not working
  3. Apps Downloading Issue
  4. Contact not being synced
  5. Google Play Store not working
  6. Trouble connecting Bluetooth
  7. Battery fast discharge
  8. Memory card not working in phone
  9. Screen off while charging
  10. Memory full

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Problem #1 – Wi-Fi not connecting

Solution → Sometimes you have a problem with WiFi connection. For which you first have to restart your phone and WiFi router. Most chances that your WiFi will be connected. If not, then reset the phone to the factory once. If the problem is not solved then leave the Android smartphone and WiFi router for at least one minute at Airplane mode.

Problem #2 – Keyboard not working

Solution → If your smartphone’s keyboard is hanging or not working properly, then you do not need to move it to the smartphone service center or change the phone. Rather you can download the Google Keyboard app.

Problem #3 – Apps Downloading Issue

Solution → This is a very common problem in Android phones and most users have to face it. But for this, you do not need to waste time by going to the service center. Rather you can solve this problem yourself.

First of all go to Google Play Store and delete the history by going to Settings. If the app is still not downloading then go to the phone’s settings. Choose the application here and then the app. There will be Google Play Store available. You can delete the cache data by visiting the Google Play Store.

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Problem #4 – Contact not being synced

Solution → The complaint is also common that the phone’s contact is not being synchronized with Gmail. For this, first of all, you can go to settings and see whether sync is an option or not. If the AI ​​is and still not happening then you can remove the integrated Gmail ID with the phone and restart the phone and add your account again. It will start to sync. If still not happening, then you have to reset the phone to the phone. Remember to back up the data before factory reset.

Problem #5 – Google Play Store not working

Solution → It is often seen that Google Play Store crashes as soon as it is open. If this problem is happening repeatedly, you can go to the phone’s settings and select the app and go from there to the Appliance. Choose Google Play Store here and delete it and delete the cache data.

Problem #6 – Trouble connecting Bluetooth

Solution → It is often found in smartphones that users encounter problems in using Bluetooth. Bluetooth does not connect either, or the rest do not search the device. One way to do this is to switch the phone off and connectivity features will work properly. If this does not work, clear your Bluetooth cache memory. Go to Apps> All Apps> Select Bluetooth Share> Clear Cache / Clear Data in the phone’s settings.

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Problem #7 – Battery fast discharge

Solution → If the phone is being discharged soon, background apps and connectivity features can also be responsible for it. Turn off screen savers or connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and NFC if you do not need it. If these features are turned on, then the phone battery will cost more. Turn off the internet connection during charging for the phone to be quickly charging. If in a short time you want the phone to be too charged, then switch it off.

Problem #8 – Memory card not working in phone

Solution → It has been seen many times that the Android smartphone does not have a memory card show. Users can put the memory card in the phone, but the operating system does not read it. If you are having this problem, you can format memory card once. For which in the phone’s settings, fix the format given in the storage on the SD card. If not yet, connect the SD card to a computer or laptop once.

Problem #9 – Screen off while charging

Solution → Many times the smartphone becomes an Android smartphone when plugged in charging the smartphone. To get a solution with this problem, go to the Development App in the app in the phone’s settings and tick ‘Stay awake’. Your problem will be solved.

Problem #10 – Memory Full

Solution → As the phone becomes old, the problem increases with memory. The phone is slow, hangs up and the software is not installed. To fix this problem, choose the storage where you go in the settings of the phone. Here you see the option to clear the cache memory, clear it. If this does not solve the problem again, then once you reset the factory to the phone.

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