5 Best Apps that will help you run 2 Whatsapp & Facebook account in a single phone


If you want to run multiple Facebook and WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone, then let me tell you that there are some apps available on the internet, which will help you to run multiple WhatsApp and Facebook accounts in a single device.

Usually smartphones can access the same WhatsApp and Facebook accounts at one time. But if you want to use multiple social media accounts in one call at a time, then it is difficult. Because all the smartphones can not be logged in two separate WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously. While some smartphones have now been given this facility.

Let’s tell you that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, Nubia and Gionee have been able to provide dual-apps integration in some smartphones in the custom UI. With the help of which users can login the app like two Whatsapp, Facebook and Wechat, in the same device. If you do not have multiple account integration facility in your smartphone, then you can get help with these 5 apps, which can help you easily run multiple accounts on one device.

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Top 5 Apps, Which will help you to run a multiple account :

  1. App Cloner
  2. Multi Accounts
  3. 2 Lines for Whazzap (root)
  4. Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts
  5. 2Face – Multi Accounts (CM AppClone)

You can easily download all these apps from the Google Play Store. The link to download these apps is given below, which you can download it easily by clicking on it.

App Cloner :

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp & Facebook Account in a Single Phone

By downloading this app to your smartphone, you can access multiple accounts, not just two. This app lets you access two accounts on one network. In which you can login multiple Facebook, Skype and Twitter account. But it can not be used in two WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Vibers account. It also has password protection in it. Users can also change colors and names in the app.

Click Here to Download App Cloner.

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Multi Accounts :


This is also a great option for multiple accounts usage in the same smartphone. This app supports Facebook, Vectat, Snapchat and Line. However, your Android device must be rooted to use it. This is available for free download at the Google Play Store.

Click Here to Download Multi Accounts.

2 Lines for Whazzap ★root :

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp & Facebook Account in a Single Phone

This app can also be used to login multiple social accounts in the same smartphone. But it is important for a smartphone to be rooted. This app can easily open the official and personal profile. In this, the facility of pattern lock is provided for data security. To download from Google Play, click the link below.

Click Here to Download 2 Lines for Whazzap.

Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts :

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp & Facebook Account in a Single Phone

This app is designed specifically for the purpose of logging two messaging apps. It allows users to open two accounts simultaneously, including Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, VChat and other instant apps.

Click Here to Download Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts.

2Face – Multi Accounts (CM AppClone) :

Like other apps, the use of Multi Accounts (CM AppClone) can also be used to login multiple social networking sites and messaging accounts.

Click Here to Download 2Face – Multi Accounts.


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