PayTM Close Up Recharge Offer: Free ₹25 Cash/TalkTime on Every Pack


PayTM Close Up Recharge Offer (

Hello friends I hope you are taking advantage of all the articles written by me. Because I do not give information about turning around like other websites. So come straight to the point, after the Paytm AllOut Offer, today I’m going to tell you about “PayTM CloseUp Recharge Offer”. Below you will find how you can get Rs.25 cashback/TalkTime code from every new Toothpaste pack of CloseUp.

What is PayTM CloseUp Offer :

This offer is also like the Paytm Tide and Paytm KrackJack offer, if you buy a new pack of CloseUp from the market or your nearest shop, then you will get Rs.25 cash code. You can redeem Rs.25 cash code in your Paytm Wallet and You can also use Paytm Cash to recharge your prepaid mobile number, DTH or Data card or pay your mobile, landline, electricity & gas bills.

Note :- Users can use upto 2 cash code in total till end of offer.

How to Get Rs.25 Cash Code From CloseUp Pack?

  1. First of all, Visit your nearest shop to buying New CloseUp Pack.
  2. Note :- Buy the same pack, which has a Paytm offer Mention.
  3. After buying, get the Coupon code (“Code”) printed inside the pack.
  4. After getting cash Code, Note down and get ready to redeem cash code in paytm wallet.

How to Redeem CloseUp Rs.25 Code in Paytm Wallet?

3 Simple Steps :-

  1. Visit to Redeem code.
  2. Enter your cash code and click on Proceed.
  3. Login and Signup your account on Paytm.

That’s it!! Now you have Paytm Cash and you can now use it for recharging mobile/ DTH or shopping.

Steps to use Paytm Cash for mobile recharging

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Enter your mobile details, amount and click on proceed to recharge
Step 3 – Now, Click on Proceed to Pay
Step 4 – Click on use Paytm wallet to complete the payment

That’s it!! Enjoy 🙂

Terms and Conditions :

  • This Offer is valid in India from 15 th Aug 2017 till 31 st Dec 2017.
  • Each code is unique and can be used once.
  • A single user account can avail the offer thrice.
  • Get the unique coupon code printed inside the pack.
  • The coupons would be valid till 31 st Dec 2017.

I hope you like it!! 🙂

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