KBC SMS number 2017 for Jio, The whole process from type to send


KBC SMS number 2017 for Jio Users:

After telling about Jio KBC Play Along App and How to Play KBC on Jio Chat in my earlier post. Now, In this latest article I am going to tell you about “KBC SMS Number”, not only that, but in this post I will also give you the complete process information from type to send, What you to type and where send with demo.

Jio KBC SMS Number 2017 :
KBC SMS number 2017 for Jio, The whole process from type to send

You are looking at this image below. In this image you will be seeing 1 question and 4 Answers.

For Example :

Q. At the international court of Justice, India is contesting the deth penalty given by Pakistan to which national?

A. Kulbhusan Jadhav     B. Kashmir Singh

C. Chandu Chavan        D. Sheikh Nabi Ahmed

Now you have to choose 1 of these four options, which you feel is the answer given above or the question asked above.

Now, I’m going to tell you that how to type and where to send?

KBC SMS Number : How to Type and Where to Send? 

  • Open the Message box and Type KBC & send it to 57666.
  • You will receive Questions now send KBC<space> Your answer A, B, C, D which is correct.
  • Give the correct Answers and Collect the Enough points to get exiting prizes.

For Example :

so, you need to compose sms kbc c & send it to 57666.


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