Jio My Vouchers Feature – Buy Recharge Voucher any Time – {How to Guide}


Jio “My Vouchers Feature”

Jio My Vouchers Feature – Buy Recharge Voucher any Time – {How to Guide}

Jio ‘My Voucher’ Details :- Reliance Jio has edited a new feature in the MyJio app. Its name is ‘My Vouchers’. The company has given 5 options inside this feature. There is also a recharge option. This feature has been added to make the app user friendly. With this feature, the user will be able to do all the work related to recharge.

MyJio App’s My Voucher feature has 5 options. The first option in it is “View”, Second “Buy”, “Transfer” , Fourth“Recharge” and last option is “History”.

Recently, Reliance Jio has offered the JioFiber Broadband Preview Offer, in which customers will be given 100GB Data per month with 100MBPS speed for 3 months. Also Jio is going to launch its DTH service soon and it is coming to the notice that Reliance will offer a Jio DTH offer like Jio Telecom which for the first 6 months.

Jio My Vouchers Feature

Benefits of Jio My Vouchers

  1. Users will be able to purchase the User Data Pack by visiting the My Vouchers feature.
  2. He will also be able to find out how much recharge is done on his number.
  3. If any other number is recharged from the app then it will also be detailed.
  4. Overall, the user has three advantages such as data pack recharging, transferring and viewing history.

How to Buy Jio My Vouchers:

  1. To buy this feature, the user has to open the MyJio app.
  2. A list will open once you tab in the app’s menu bar.
  3. Reliance Jio has edited a new feature in the MyJio app. Its name is 'My Vouchers'.
  4. The first option in this list will be “My Vouchers”.
  5. Update your MyJio app, if the option is not visible.
  6. Now, Many Options will appear on your screen Like – View Voucher , Buy Voucher , Transfer Voucher , Recharge Voucher , And History Of Purchase Etc.
  7. Click on “Buy”, Select Voucher Value.
  8. Proceed to buy & Pay Amount Using any of the  payment methods.

Jio My Vouchers Plan Details :

Two recharge cards of Rs 309 and Rs 509 have been issued under the Reliance Jio My Voucher Plan. In this, whenever the user has the money, he can activate it by buying a recharge voucher. Not only this, but it can gift to your friend.

Jio View Voucher :

The first option you will see when you click on Jio’s ‘My Voucher Features’ is the ‘View Voucher’ option. After clicking on it, you will see two plans worth Rs.309 and Rs.509. In this, users also see the details of the plan and if the user can buy the plan from here also.

Jio Buy Voucher :

The second option is ‘Buy’. Here also lies the details of plans and offers of Xiao. With this, the discount on the plan is also a bite.

Jio Transfer Voucher :

The third option is ‘Transfer’. If the user transmits for other numbers, then its details will be seen here.

Jio Recharge Voucher :

The fourth option is ‘Recharge’. This option contains all the information relating to the recharge, whatever the user will recharge, whether it is at the number or any other number of users. You can see all the details here.

Jio History Voucher :

The fifth and last option is ‘History’. In this option four sub-categories (1) All, (2) Purchased, (3) Redeemed and (4) Transferred. Using this option, the user can see the history related to his number here.

How To Use This Feature For Recharge :

  1. Click on Recharge Option.
  2. Now, Select Value & proceed.
  3. Pay the payment via suitable mode.

That’s it!! Your recharge will be Instantly Proceed.

Final Thought :-

Reliance Jio aims to not let its customers go to other telecom companies. For this, the company has launched ‘My Vouchers’ Feature after issuing the money laundering. Let us tell you that this is the first such plan brought by the company which is issued by an Indian telecom company.



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