(Tutorial) How to share photos on Instagram Without using app?


Yes, friends, it is true that users can now upload photos to the Instagram instead of an app. In Recently, Instagram has upgraded its mobile website to share photos.

Social Networking Site Instagram continues to release new updates for its users. This time also social networking site Instagram has introduced a new feature. Instagram has come up with updates, after which users will no longer need an app to upload photos. Recently, Instagram has upgraded its mobile website to share and upload photos.

(Tutorial) How to share photos on Instagram Without using app?Along with photo sharing, the company has also added the Explore tab to this new feature. The ability to share photos on the mobile website is still limited. Allows users to also crop photos with photo upload options here.

Site users will be able to upload and share photos, but there will not be any details of stories filter and direct message. Also users will not be able to upload videos. Additionally, you can just toggle and rotate the photo as photo editing.

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This new mobile website upgrade version was first seen by Gamer. Instagram has confirmed this to CnbTimes later and said, ‘Instagram.com is a web experience optimized for mobile phones.’

The mobile website now looks a lot like the app with a light version of the Explore tab. The mobile version also allows you to locate photos of posts, notifications, your profile and others. It also allows you to comment on it if it is needed. Let’s say that not all users can see this feature, so it may be rolled out to everyone gradually.

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Additionally, users will be able to upload photos by going directly to Instagram’s Mobile Site Instagram.com. However, even before going to Instagram.com’s website and mobile site, we could access it and follow it as follow, search, and check your notifications, but could not post something.


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