How to record screen video on android using DU recorder app?


How to record screen video on android using DU recorder app? : This will happen many times when your friends and relatives ask you for help about the configuration of your Android smartphone. The reason for this is that they may not know much better than the technology, or it may be that they have come to Android from any other operating system, and are not fully acquainted with Android. The reason is that no one can be there and there can be many reasons, but whatever happens, you have to be very upset about it.

Now if your friend or relative asks for some help by giving your own android phone, then yes you will help him, however, if it happens, do not give it to you and then tell you that you solve their problem. You will say how, how can this happen. Is not it right here that you can record the whole process, you do this through your phone then send them the recorded video so that even if you set up your phone in such a way, now you may be thinking How can this happen, can it be so?

Yes, my friend can do that, you can record the screen of your smartphone, along with any action that is taking place can also be recorded. You do not need any other smartphone for this or any other shooting device, just need an app called DU Recorder.

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How to record screen video on android using DU recorder app?

How to record screen video on your Android smartphone using the DU recorder?

5 simple steps to record screen video on android :- 

Step: 1 Go to the Google Play Store, and search for the DU Recorder by visiting here, after this app install this app on your phone.

Step: 2 When you go to this app, you see that you get options like record, video and settings, camera and screenshots. Now you have got into thinking that whatever option to choose, why not say right … you have to go to the Video and Settings tab here.

Step: 3 As soon as you do, press on the record button and your recording will start here. Now you can do whatever you want, if you have to teach something as told above, then you can do anything on your smartphone screen now, all this is being recorded. You can also control this at any time during this recording.

Step: 4 When the video is fully recorded. You can also do a bit of this video using the advanced options of DU recorder. You can trim the video, add music to the background, and can even place images, merge multiple videos together etc.

Step: 5 Now that you have made the screen of your smartphone’s screen you can share it with your friends and close friends. You can do this through Facebook and Twitter.

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Why Use the DU Recorder?

Do not know how many screens have the ability to record screen on Google Play Store. But we chose it only, its main reason is that it is free, it is lightweight, and there is no recording limit in it. However, all the screens in addition to come with the Recorder Limit. Along with this you can tell that it does recording FHD video. Now let us know how you can record the video of your screen through this app.

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