How to Delete/Clear Call History in My Jio App? – Guide


You probably do not know, Reliance Jio has given some apps in the MyJio package, including the Jio Chat app. The user can make free SMS, voice calls and video calls from this app. Users can share data as well as chat alone or in group. Apart from messaging, users can also call conference calls. Not only this, Jio Chat can also get latest news, offers and content from different channels. A lot of people are still using this app. But they do not know how to delete and clear the history in MyJio app. Here we are telling you how to clear/delete this chat/call history.

How to Delete/Clear Call History in My Jio App? - Guide

5 Simple Steps to Delete Call History In MyJio App :

  1. Firstly you have Open the JioChat app.
  2. Here you will see More’s option in the Right side.
  3. Going into More, you will see Setting option.
  4. Go to Setting, Tap on the Clear all chat history option, under Security and Privacy.
  5. On tap, you will be asked again in the message whether you want to delete chat history or not.

That’s it!! If yes, your chat will be deleted/ clear.

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Why is it important to delete chat and call history?

Actually, all such apps keep registering all the information related to social media accounts besides all the contact details contained in your Contex Book. All these information are recorded in the history of the app.

These are photos of your intimate photographs, credit cards, debit cards or any other personal ID and scanned copy of banking related documents, through which you can be fraud-ed. But keep in mind that there are millions of hackers present in the Internet world who try to get the history of such apps in the light of your personal details. It is important that you continue to delete the history of your My jio app.


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