How to change your smartphone’s ringtone on every call? – Guide


Do you want to change the ringtone of your smartphone on every call, so this post is very useful for you. Users can now set several ringtones together for incoming calls on their smartphones. However, for this, they have to route the ringtone i.e. the ringtones have to be set on the contact with their save location.

In such a situation, if the setting location of the ringtone is changed, then it will not stay on the contact. If you also want to adopt these tricks in your smartphone, then we are going to tell you one way. For this trick, the user has to install the ‘RandTune app’ from the Google Play Store. This is a free app.


How to change ringtone on every call? – Guide

  • First of all, Click on The Download Link Provided Below.
  • Open the RandTune app, you get a permissions message in which you have to select Allow option.
  • After this it will ask to change the default ringtone setting.
  • The user has to go in the system settings and turn on the option of modification settings. Now there is a window open in the display that has the option of setting the call, SMS, alarm and ringtone. Now in the given option, the playlist will be created in the sub-category’s second option. Give that category a name.
  • Now the Playlist comes with the option of adding a single file to the folder. Select one of them.
  • Now you select the folder in which the songs are saved. Then tap on the directory.
  • Now go to the first option of the category and select the playlist to set the ringtone.

RandTune App Download Link :-

That’s it!! By doing this you will be able to set up several ringtones at the same time.

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