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Book jio phone online, jio phone offer2, pre-booking, registration :

Are you also included in the list of people who want to book/registration Reliance Jio’s feature phone free? If yes, then let’s tell that Reliance Jio has started the process with it on its website One wrong rumor was that the Jio Phone will be available for pre-booking on July 24, but you should tell that the pre-booking of Jio Phone is to begin on August 24, but one thing should be kept in mind that this phone should come first, first serve basis Will be found on It is therefore better to follow the process related to its site, so that you get the correct information at the right time.

In recently, reliance Jio has introduced its Jiophone,” it additionally launched Keep me posted service. This service will send you ordinary notifications regarding Jio Phone order status.

Even though there are plenty of time left on August 24 2017, we visited the official website of Reliance Jio and found that the company has started updating people through ‘Keep Me Posted‘. Let’s know how to join the Jio Phone Pre-booking:

Book jio phone online, jio phone offer 2,

How to Buy/Book Jio Phone Online?

As I mentioned above The booking of this phone will start on August 24. Booking will be done on the first come, first served basis.

If you want to buy a phone, you can pre-book the phone via the My Jio app or Jio Retailer on August 24.

The price of JioPhone has been kept at Rs.0. However, for the security, the company will charge you Rs.1,500, which will be refunded after 3 years.

There is every possibility that it will come more slowly, as soon as we get the information, we will reach you.

book jio phone online, jio phone offer2

Jio 1,500 Phone Pre-Booking, Registration Date :

Pre-booking of live phone will start from August 24, 2017. Those who book early will find it fast.

Variant of Jio Phone ?

According to the information received, the Chinese company will launch two variants of Jio Phone.

Chip maker company Qualcomm has announced that it has partnership with Reliance Jio. Under this, the Qualcomm new processor 205 will be given in JioPhone.

Qualcomm recently launched this mobile platform. It has been specially designed for cheap smart-4g phones.

In addition to Qualcomm chipset, there will also be a second variant of a Jio Phone. There will be a spreadsheet chipset in it. Tweeted by the Chinese Chipset Maker Spreadtraum tweeted that the company has partnered with Jio.

The tweet states, “India is being digitized with JioPhone. The spreadsheet feature is proud to be part of Digital Freedom for Phone users’

book jio phone online, jio phone offer2

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